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  Oh Joy, Winter

28 November 2001

5:26 PM: It's dark, it's cold, and it's raining. How lovely. I slept maybe 3? 4 hours last night, I have spent the day demonstrating my slug-like level of social skills, and right now I would like to call Deep Hole Dispatch and order one up reet quick, thanks. Gaaah.

On Carter's recommendation, went to see Rebecca Gates and her band play at Bottom of the Hill last night. And once again, a winner. She's soooo good. I've never heard any of her solo stuff, and I've hardly ever heard The Spinanes, so I had no idea what to expect. Was very cool. She sings nicely, the lyrics are neat, but even more - to my ear - the music itself was just so interesting. Strange little skittering rhythms, odd bits of guitar or keyboard floating around the main melody. The guys in the band - who were all wearing Stereolab t-shirts completely by coincidence, so she tried to convince us; I'm not buying it - were on a standup bass (bowed & plucked), drums, and keyboards. Miz Gates on guitars - i mean, you know, one guitar at a time, just couple different types. One was this big reddish wood guitar, real purty. And yes, another boy moment, so is she: My Gosh. So that was fun.

I'm trying to think what else about my life I will want to be able to remember from this time, besides what concerts I saw. Not coming up with much.

Willfully blind self-indulgent nebbish or amusingly quirky old coot? And how bout that local sports team? Discuss among yourselves.

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