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3 November 2001

5:14 PM: That's what it feels like, anyway. Something about afternoon naps that make my head weigh about 75 pounds. That's got to be a sign of poor circulation or something, isn't it? Or a sign of the corned beef hash and eggs for breakfast, maybe.

Woke up at 7:30 AM Today. Who knows why. Guilty conscience I suppose. I wasn't so foolish as to actually get out of bed that early, but I was still up and around by 10. Weirdness. Not that it's a bad thing - out of the house, pick up cash for the week, aforementioned breakfast, prudent book shopping, couple more shelves for the bedroom. They do indeed make 6 inch shelf brackets for these kinds of shelves, and the local hardware store carries 1x6s that they'll cut to the desired length. Rockin - 8 feet of paperback shelving, here I come. It'll be like living in a real apartment!

Ah, now, last night at Cafe du Nord - that's what all rock shows should be like: not just excellent and not at all too crowded, but only N blocks from my house.

Merrick opened, and demonstrated that I need to get back with the program - when I hear a good band on Spinner.com, Go Get The CD, Dummy. Because I didn't think I knew who they were, couldn't place the name, and then they started playing and it was d'oh! these are the people who do "Ladders To Fire"! And "Automatic"! Two girls singing and playing... um, instruments. One of them played guitar, I remember that. Then a guy playing standup bass, mostly, sometimes bowed like a cello, sometimes with just fingers. Another fellow who played violin - or would you call it a fiddle in this context? I don't know. Another guitarist and a drummer, and very good they all were, too. Beautiful singing, cool songs, neat arrangements, sounds that I like. Nice people too - I bought the CD afterwards, and asked if they had played up here before, thinking I must have seen them or something. Nope, though - and then they made the Spinner connection. Where would I be without the brains of strangers? I wouldn't know, that's the point.

Second was James Combs, who I gather was in some relatively well-known indie band that I never heard of because I was asleep that decade. More conventional band lineup. Again more of the cool songs, though. Really excellent drummer, I thought. Some great guitar playing, too. The people at du Nord just show up like it was a bar, I gather, at least some of them. So there was a lot of chattering in the room. Tad annoying, but mostly it could be filtered to the back.

Then, headlining, yay, 20 Minute Loop. My gosh but they're so fucking excellent pardon my Pashto. (It was a moment of eek to hear the lyric, "And the vaccine/It burns like fire", lemme tell ya...) If they have any bad songs they don't play them anymore. I was in front of the lead guitarist and drum kit more this time, noticed more how much those guys rock. Nice air spin of the sticks at one point, too, very fancy. If these folks aren't The Next Big Thing - at least within my tribal context - I'll buy a hat and eat it. I think my favorite song at the moment is "Mompha Termina". Burlesque Indian rock and roll stomper, find that on the radio. Kelly looked like she was cracking herself up while she was singing it, too, just from the fun. Then again, she might have just seen the drumming circle guy behind me grooving to the spirit. Oy.

Hey, speaking of which, to all shorter people who were behind me: Sorry. I was edged to the front by denial. There are some things I just can't watch. I do so hate people my age...

Willfully blind self-indulgent nebbish or amusingly quirky old coot? And how bout that local sports team? Discuss among yourselves.

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