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24 October 2001

1:17 PM: Breeders last night at Slim's - the band, not the pejorative. Yowza! Kim & Kelley looked good; maybe a bit more like cab drivers or bar owners these days, but you still know they could kick your ass. (Can you imagine being their parents when they were teenagers? A silent moment of sympathy, please.) The new band sounds fantastic - and loud, in the best kind of way. Many guitars, bass and drums pushed way out front. The rhythm section was awesome. Kim talked a lot. Couldn't always understand her - not in the Joe Strummer sense of all the words turning to mush, but rather simple Huh? Still nuts. Very good. I liked their new material, too. I guess this is a kind of rehearsal tour, the new CD won't be released until next year. But that's great because, hey! more shows soon!

Imperial Teen, bringing new meaning to "ubiquity", opened. And very kindly returned the favor of playing before the Breeders by coming out into the audience, hanging out at the bar, and TALKING THROUGH THE WHOLE SET. Grr. But, fortunately - Loud.

Oh and new Buffy, yay. I keep thinking I'm going to hate the Tiny Kings, and then I don't. But they are so riding the edge with those characters. Mock Not The Geek, Joss. We're your core audience, remember that.

I seem to be staying up past 6 AM habitually now. This is ungood. Plus I felt sick yesterday and again Today. And as much as I have scoffed at the twitterings of media people shocked to find their own precious selves at possible risk, I must say, feeling anything remotely like the flu right now - kinda scary. Fortunately, I don't get any paper mail. Except from Safeway. I'm hoping they're not on jihad or anything.

Willfully blind self-indulgent nebbish or amusingly quirky old coot? And how bout that local sports team? Discuss among yourselves.

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