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11 October 2001

7:22 PM: Sure wish I had my Blade Runner soundtrack CD here. Coulda sworn I did. I'm so behind. I don't know why I have such a strong aversion to doing my job nowadays. It's not really all that different. And it's not like I'm using my time so well otherwise. Just crazy, I suppose. Must Sort Old Clothing.

So, Tuesday, went with Carter to go see The Orange Peels, The Minders, and Apples in Stereo at the Adequate Yankee Music Space. I knew I'd like the Peels better when I wasn't so tired, and I did. I still think that their songs are too long and too samey-sounding, though.

God damn but the Minders are a good band. I'm not prone to guitar worship normally, but this guy is an exception. To my amateur ears, it's not just about skill in playing, though as far as I can tell he has plenty of that. It's about what he uses that skill to do. Their songs bend around and go inside out. Not just a good contrast between songs, but within each song itself, too, at least sometimes. Minders should do a national tour opening for the White Stripes. I don't know if the two audiences would mingle well - they might - but all the really cool people (i.e. like me) would dig it.

The guitarist in Apples in Stereo really IS the guitarist in Dressy Bessy. That was freaking me out for a while. How many guys like that are there? Anyways. Once Apples took the stage, Finally, they were pretty good. The lead singer and guitarist has some serious organic nerve damage and/or drug problems. He really needs to calm down a whole lot. It's kind of funny at first, although even then it's kind of not because it's that embarassing "oh ha ha Jack's peed himself again" funny. But then as it goes on... I don't know. I could never stand to watch I Love Lucy because it was too embarrassing. I am probably not a representative sample. And all the 12 year olds probably just think he's an adult, they're all insane, what's the bug? This is, I sense, the correct response. (Carter was very bug over all the youngsters at the show. Still dealing with that whole youth-wasted-on-the-young issue, I think.)

It was somewhat notable that they did not play either "If You Want To Wear A Hat". the very catchy song off their new 4-song EP, or "Signal in the Sky", their Powerpuff Girl hit. I mean, ha ha, way to skewer those expectations, rock on you indie dudes. On the other hand, I like those songs, I would have like to have heard them. And who art thou, that maketh the young to weep and cry out, "Lord! Lord, where is our hit single, from our favorite show???"

Now it's Thursday and other than some really double-time disturbing episodes of Angel and Buffy, nothing is going on. Me sitting around not getting anything done, mostly. Big Deal.

7:49 PM: I don't believe it! I did miss Kristin Hersh at Slim's this last Sunday!! What a fuckhead! God damn it. If I had know that she was playing, I would for sure have gone to the Sigur Ros show, just to pile it on. And hey, nice soundtrack choices for jumping off a high cliff somewhere.

8:01 PM: Oh, and here's the definite word on that Bert thing.

Willfully blind self-indulgent nebbish or amusingly quirky old coot? And how bout that local sports team? Discuss among yourselves.

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