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12 September 2001

7:32 PM: I should clarify something about one of the things I said yesterday. I don't think it's dumb or pretentious to close airports around the country after an event like this. Nor to cancel large outdoor sporting events. All the people who closed up yesterday because they couldn't think about anything else, the stores and sites shut down with signs up saying "Closed in sympathy with the victims of today's tragedy" - I understand that.

What annoys me is something like, well, here. They closed our offices in San Francisco yesterday as a "security precaution". Give me a break. Boys, we are Not a target. That is not about sympathy, that's not about fellow human feeling. That is trying to feel like a Big Deal. Maybe it's fear sublimated into arrogance, I'll grant them that much. Maybe.

Honestly. There's a kind of creepy American tendency to glom onto Tragic Events and oversentimentalize them, take possession of them. Things like this fucking red-white-and-blue ribbon you're supposed to put up on your website now. You want to show solidarity? Put up a link to The Red Cross.

Anyways. Strange days. Some people are being even more disgusting than you'd expect, some just the opposite. TV tries to keep going on. Like everyone else, I suppose.

I keep seeing that picture in my mind. The jet flying right into the building and disappearing. You can't get the scale right on a television set. That's a whole goddamn jet. And it just... goes into the building. I was so glad when someone finally started putting up before/after photos of the Manhattan skyline at that end of the island. I couldn't remember well enough where the towers were, and it was bugging me a lot. Like forgetting the face of someone after they die.

In a way, I hope they don't rebuild the towers. I don't think we should pretend this never happened. That's probably too gruesome to live with in real day to day circumstances, leaving the stumps of the buildings there. But I hope we do something to remember.

8:38 PM: Brilliant Ideas Dept:

Dan Goure, a defense analyst at the Lexington Institute, a think tank based in Arlington, Va., said Bush should ask Congress for a declaration of war -- even if he doesn't name a specific enemy -- to focus national attention on rooting out terrorism.

"We could say ‘conspirators to be named at a later date.'"

"Man, I wish we could go already - BattleBots is on!"

Willfully blind self-indulgent nebbish or amusingly quirky old coot? And how bout that local sports team? Discuss among yourselves.

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