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27 August 2001

8:03 PM: Let's see. What did I do this weekend? It seems so long ago...

Friday I don't even remember. I think I was thinking about going to a movie and I didn't. I think I hung out at work, for no real reason, went home, then went to the bar. And that was about that.

Saturday is easier. I went to Costco! Finally! Yay, Team Me. Because that means that I finally signed up for the Dish Network satellite TV service - the plan where the receiver includes a ReplayTV-based Digital Video Recorder. Supa cool. Now I can record up to 5 times more shows to not watch than my present capacity! Actually, one of the neat things is that it includes superstations for the WB and UPN that are in New York City. Which means, Buffy and Angel episodes 3 hours early. Buahaha.

Costco was also the acid test of my newly-stabilized neurochemistry. I didn't think of that ahead of time, but when I was going out to the sidewalk to wait for a cab, I realized that I had gone through the whole experience - maneuvering the cart, getting in and out of the aisles, through the checkout, up to the manager's office to deal with the satellite signup stuff, and then out the door - all the while in a pretty calm, bemused state of mind. Just smile, wave people on, go slow, wait when you have to, look ahead for problems and go around them. Normally, an hour's shopping experience at Costco puts me right at the boundary of self-control - if not over. So hey, drugs! They work!

Now I have a whole lot of, for example, Zest Energy Bars. This is soap. I don't know why it's an Energy Bar. I don't think I want to know. It makes lather, cleans off nightclub marks, and smells better than I do, that's all I ask.

Sunday, saw Red Dust with Brigitte Lin and Maggie Cheung and some guy, eh. It was all right. They were really good, but the overall plot and writing ... I don't know. I'm hardly one to complain about a film being too melodramatic. I think maybe it wasn't melodramatic enough. Too all over the place.

Then was The Empress Dowager, which Lana and Eddie and Saul came to see as well. This was a strange film. The consensus afterwards was that we perhaps were missing a few cultural references here and there. Like, oh, any of them. "No, he did not go up to Bla Bla like the 5th emperor! He went down to Blee Blee like the 3rd preceeding emperor!" Um, OK. I have the strong suspicion that this was a television episode, or one in a series of films. Lots of scenes over the concluding narration and credits that looked like another two movies' worth of executions and fiendish court plotting, for instance. The one clear lesson of the film is that even being Emperor of China will not help you deal with your mother.

I was thinking of maybe going to see something else later that night but too zonked. So I stayed home and watched my just-received copy of the MST3K episode featuring Gamera vs Guiron. Always puzzles me that this gets such low marks from MST fans. It's close to the best episode ever, in my expert opinion. "It's a caLAMity!"

Today I did not go see Time To Be A Hero or whatever the title was because of course staying home Sunday night, I was up even later than if I had gone out. Zzzzzzzzzz. No particular excitement.

Oh I know what I did Friday - I bought about 157 concert tickets. No drought in sight yet. Keep your appendages crossed.

Willfully blind self-indulgent nebbish or amusingly quirky old coot? And how bout that local sports team? Discuss among yourselves.

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