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23 August 2001

8:49 PM: Mmmmmm. Nothing says "donut" quite like a glazed.

Today, I learned that the Sunset [Duh. The RICHMOND, not the Sunset. I never can get those right. - 8/24] is really, really, really far away. I went to the early showing of Romance of Book and Sword and Princess Fragrance at the 4 Star. (Good movies, but man! Talk about a depressing ending. And the sound was interesting, they were almost like cinema verite historical kung fu movies. All the sound - including music - was being produced (in theory) by something that was actually there in the shot. So when you see the Hero walking along, and you start to hear a sad song, you don't just think, "Oh here we go, flashback time" - you think, "Hey! Who's singing?") The second movie got out around 3 PM, 3:15. Now, going into this, I thought, that's not such a big deal. So I get to work around 4:30. Wouldn't be the first time.

An hour and a half later...

Oy Geraldo. There are no cabs out there. None. The Geary Limited took at least 45 minutes to get to Market Street, and that was when it finally deigned to show up. Hey, what the fuck is the idea behind the beeping that the new buses do every time they pull over to the curb or pull away again? Fornicate a waterfowl, I thought I was going to be pushed into a homicidal rage by that beep beep beep beep beep this morning. It's like a car alarm that's 2 feet away from your head. Who is this for? Is it only there to annoy us? I'd believe that.

Oh well. It's only work. And! Atman PC was right there. So I finally got some new hard drives (20 GB, not that big, but they were cheap) and those disk caddy case condom things - I never have found out what they are officially called, everyone uses a different name for them - you know, the things that let you pull a hard drive out by its handle and put in a new one. No way am I going to try installing Windows NT or Win2K or Linux on the same drive that has my fragile little Win98 installation. That OS is ready to jump off its cliff at any moment as it is. This is much better.

Huh, what else. It's not all that bad here at work. Just nothing to do. Well, no, not even that. Nothing I want to do, nothing that has to be done. Maybe an hour, two hours worth of that sort of thing a day. I'm just a lazy sod.

Went to the bar last night, first time in a while. Eh. No crazy people tried to talk to me, but they were reeling around and being dangerous in a more general way. It's OK. The thrill is gone.

Sigur Ros is coming back to town! Cool!

Or. Oh. Hmm. Well, cool. At least.

9:07 PM: Forehead Smack Dept:

A state legislator apologized for forwarding to fellow lawmakers an email message that said, "Two things made this country great: White men and Christianity." [...] Before releasing the apology, Mr. Davis had said of the email message, "There's a lot of it that's truth, the way I see it. Who came to this country first? The white man, didn't he?"
- The New York Times, National Briefing, 23 August 2001

Why isn't it a journalistic standard to point out obvious errors of fact in what politicians say? Why isn't that quote followed by, "Of course, the first humans in North America crossed over a land bridge from Asia thousands of years before Europeans began settlements."??? I can see that probably the NY Times couldn't just come out and say "This demonstrates that Mr. Davis is a congenital idiot.", but it could at least hint at it.

Or like the story the other day about France and Germany banding together to try to get reproductive human cloning banned - throughout Europe, I believe. A French minister of something or other made a statement like, "We must stand firm against the photocopying of human beings." Now look. Cloning is not photocopying. That is not an opinion. That is a simple fact. Why doesn't the article say that? Why does it present simplistic ill-informed misunderstanding of the issue pass as if it was just as good as any other opinion?

This is bollocks, says I.

Willfully blind self-indulgent nebbish or amusingly quirky old coot? And how bout that local sports team? Discuss among yourselves.

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