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21 August 2001

3:04 PM: Saw Planet of the Apes Sunday night with Ms. V. Silly movie. I thought they would have Guns!! I wanted to see big gorillas in armor with semi-automatic weapons. The running and leaping and fighting were cool, though. I liked Tim Roth as the Angriest Chimp in the World. Maybe it was just me, but I thought Helena Bonham-Carter was acting like she was high most of the time. Well, you know, chimps today, waddyagonnado? It was fun. The ending was just a Carrie, I think. You know, hand from the grave pops up, eee! Sure you can invent explanations, but that you have to in the first place is the clue. That was just Burton going BoogaBooga!

Otherwise, I am not well.

11:16 PM: You know something? The GoGo's are a really good band. They are! Still! Saw them tonight at the Warfield. After the Monkees freak show, I was a little worried. Like, am I going to spoil my memories here? But nope, not even close. Imperial Teen opened. No big change. I think the drummer and the bass player should ditch the guys. (The drummer came and sat down to talk to the people right in front of and below us afterwards. She's tall.) A long time passed after that, it seemed. But we were sitting so it was OK.

They look remarkably the same, those GoGo's do. I was down a little closer to the stage at one point, and I tried to see if there were details - lines, that kind of thing - that I had been missing. Couldn't. I thought, "Either they're just aging well or they have really good makeup on." One song later, Jane said, "Do you think we look especially pretty tonight? We got our makeup done Professionally. Because we're Rock Stars." Yes they are.

They played great, Gina kicked butt on the drums like always, Charlotte seemed especially on. Belinda sang well, she's still a little bit too much doing the I'm-so-beautiful moves from her solo stuff, but hey, a very large portion of the audience would agree with her on that, so who am I to argue. Jane was wearing something like a miniskirt wimple with a big silver cross, a leather corset on top of it, and gigantor elevator boots. Nice to see she's still nuts.

They played songs off their new album, and older songs I didn't really know, and I would not have been able to tell you for most of them which was which. (I'm guessing any song that refers specifically to the 21st Century is new.) But honestly, they were all pretty good. No "How Much More"s or "Our Lips Are Sealed"s, but nobody has a hit song on every record. I hope they do another one. They completely deserve to not be classified as a nostalgia act, or at least, not entirely so.

Besides, any band whose first encore song is "Fun With Ropes" and final encore is "I Wanna Be Sedated" is OK with me.

Willfully blind self-indulgent nebbish or amusingly quirky old coot? And how bout that local sports team? Discuss among yourselves.

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