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  A Long Day

18 August 2001

2:07 AM: My Gosh. This is Friday I'm talking about now. Up at what, 8 AM? Thereabouts. Well, no, maybe 9. Woke up before the alarm so I don't remember strictly. Because I had a 10:30 AM cabal meeting, that ended up running until 4 Fucking PM. O my broken brain. And la la, so much for going to work Today. Darn.

Anyways, though, the good thing was that we got to go have food - they had sushi, I had fried things - and I was still in time to see Boat People at the 4 Star! Good movie. Set in Vietnam 3 years after the victory of the North. Really harrowing. Lots of dead people, and there's nothing special about them - you can tell that the characters see dead people all the time. Makes it worse, in a way. And Jesu Crispy, the land-mine clearing duty that they make "troublemakers" do - I couldn't watch.

Next was Round About Midnight. This was a no-bones great flick. If you like caper movies, Japanese movies, jazz movies, fun movies, or any combination of such type things, you really should try to see this. I'm not quite sure if the lead actor was really a trumpet player or not, but if he's not he's doing the best fakeout I've ever seen. And Michelle Reis is gorgeous, and her Japanese is funny even to me, and I don't speak it. The music is great, the photography of Tokyo at night is gorgeous, the plot is pretty silly but that's kind of the point. Totally cool.

Then finally, Too Many Ways to Be No. 1. Weird movie. Funny as hell sometimes, really disturbing other times. Unexpected echoes of Run Lola Run of all things, though the Movie Guy who introduces the films at the theater swore that this was made first. Lots of people I recognized whose names I don't know. Directed by Johnnie To, who did The Mission and the eternal classic of some kind, The Heroic Trio. Incredibly fast at times. Bizarre camera work. The most inept "rascals" I've seen since ... well, hmm, since The Mission, come to think of it.

The cab ride home was appropriate, somehow - the guy was driving as fast as he could, weaving in and out of traffic, with this heavy metal music Blaring out of a pretty decent sound system for a cab. Last song was titled "So Fucking What!". Heh.

Now I am home and I am tired. Bjork tickets go on sale Sunday morning! She's playing The Paramount in Oakland with a 54-piece orchestra. No word on the swan.

Willfully blind self-indulgent nebbish or amusingly quirky old coot? And how bout that local sports team? Discuss among yourselves.

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