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14 August 2001

9:54 PM: And again Foo! I make the first positive, hey-I'm-actually-acting-like-a-human-bean entry here in weeks and weeks, and what happens? The server melts down! All files from yesterday - gone!

I just can't seem to learn this lesson, can I?

There's a man covered in bees on the back of the new Wired. I think he's advertising Volkswagens. I saw a lilac-colored Toyota (or some such kind of car) Today. That's a very unfortunate color.

My hairs all got pruned which is good I guess though really, what does it possibly matter. Then I had lunch at Chow because I keep hearing that, no, it's really good, you must have been there on an off day. Eh. I still say Eh. I probably should have gotten the burger, but I didn't and I paid the price.

It has occurred to me that anymore the local bar is full of people I don't really want to talk to all that much. Last night, a good case in point, Incredible Boring Guy just started talking to me and wouldn't stop. Plus, if I'm there too long, with the drinking that one does, the next day I wake up all owie. So here's a thought - maybe I should not go there for a while.

I am supported in this radical concept by the arrival of still more junk SF books from the book club in the mail Today. Good Thing.

OK, time to go see what's broken now at work...

5:20 PM: Ha! Got it back.

6:40 PM: Lana writes to say "I would like to just officially go on record and say I have liked PJ Harvey for 10 years, almost. Since Sheela-Na-Gig, at least. I am not one of those people." That's a lot longer than me, I'm just a Bring You My Love johnny-come-lately. There's a great article about Polly Jean in this week's New Yorker, by the way. It's their special Music double issue. You should get it.

6:43 PM: Oh my god! I forgot! The Asian Film Festival at the 4 Star starts Thursday! Fuckles. That's soon. I haven't even figured out which ones I'm going to when yet. Looks like some double-plus-good movies on the schedule, too. Flying people with swords, yay.

9:15 PM: Well that's just brilliant, that is. Fox is out hunting down this bad, nasty, evil fan sites again, and this time, it's gone and killed the Buffy Shooting Script Site. This is the stupidest move I've seen yet. They just want us to hate them, don't they? Well, but why should they care either way? What are we going to do, stop watching? Bastards.

Willfully blind self-indulgent nebbish or amusingly quirky old coot? And how bout that local sports team? Discuss among yourselves.

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