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7 August 2001

12:38 PM: Woo hoo! PJ Harvey! Coming to town!

Huh. I guess I didn't go to any concerts last night. Leaves me without a lot to say. They're going to get rid of Snack! and give us free sodas instead. Then they'll get rid of the free sodas. I know how this works. On the other hand, the stock is just rocketing upwards! It's only one-third of my option price now. Can I contain my excitement.

Well, better get ready for work now. Yep. Got that whole glory of life stretching out ahead of me here. Hah - I was about to say something specific about some ways in which it could be worse. I'm learning, as usual, verrrrrrrrry slowly.

You know, I don't mean to be such a jerk. It's just a God-given natural talent.

3:11 PM: Lesson for Today: Anti-anxiety drugs do not do you any good if you leave them in the non-anxiety-causing bathroom at home and don't bring them with you out into the extremely-anxiety-causing world.

5:37 PM: Oh! I remember now. It's quite hot in here. Nice change from air-conditioned Winter. Now that the sun is going down and the fog is coming in, of course, the air conditioning is starting up.

New CDs! A gazillion of em! Absurdistan by Laika & The Cosmonauts. Foreign Words by boy crazy, man, I don't even remember what this one is. Oh, I think it's the song "Bad Things". Let's Go, an EP from Apples in Stereo. Uh-Oh!, by Tipsy. And oh, more. I wish everyone would go home so I could listen to them without worrying about Offending Someone. I wish everyone would go home anyway. I wish I was home. I wish I wish I was a fish.

8:25 PM: And Laptop! Featuring the heart-warming song, "I'm So Happy You Failed" ("The Japanese are happy! North America's very happy! And of course the Germans are happy...")

Willfully blind self-indulgent nebbish or amusingly quirky old coot? And how bout that local sports team? Discuss among yourselves.

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