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1 August 2001

7:42 PM: Well, we finally saw AI last night, we being me, Lana, Saul, Eddie. General consensus that it went on too long. I wondered whether the ending was something that Kubrick had outlined, and Spielberg was working with or rewriting, because for all that he slathered on the Awwwwness and the pastel colors and the warm light, that was one weird motherfucking scene. Literally, in a figurative sense. (I have just broken all English-speaking bots reading this page. Sorry, guys.) But apparently, nope - that was all Steven wrestling with hisself. I was also sort of suspended half out of my chair with horrorshock at the Flesh Fair, whereas Saul (and the reviewer for Salon for that matter) didn't find it very engaging at all. I think I just have a natural sense of kinship with robots. Gobots!

All agree that it looked real neat. There were many good parts. Jude Law is very good in it, and we all want to be able to do that trick with our necks.

Now then. Having said that. EXCUSE ME???? "Robots consume no resources, except those required to build them"????????? Sooooo, they've repealed the Second Law of Thermodynamics, then?? They can invent some kind of infinitely long-lasting, ZPE-based power source, powering robots that can last 2000 years frozen solid and reactivate without much trouble at all --

but nobody knows how to build a damn STOMACH?????????????

For Bob's sakes, kids. How much money do you spend on lunch for the crew every day? Would it be so very, very hard to hire, oh I don't know, a smart high-school student? Just to sort of look over the script and make suggestions that might be a little more in keeping with basic physics and some amount of common sense?

8:39 PM: Oh sad. Poul Anderson died. Dying is dumb. We are dumb. Thus, we are dying. Whoa oh whoa.

Willfully blind self-indulgent nebbish or amusingly quirky old coot? And how bout that local sports team? Discuss among yourselves.

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