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3 July 2001

11:33 AM: Nothing like blind panic to help start your day. Though I don't remember why I was panicking this morning. Maybe it was an illusion. Ooops, gotta go.

11:34 AM: False alarm. I had to be here by 11 AM Today to talk to some guy from Brazil. He came over, but all he wanted was an Ethernet port. "Are there any open desks?" This was the person who works here that asked this, too. I was like, uh, look around? See the vultures? Yes there are several empty desks.

So anyways. When the alarm went off, I swore that I was already awake, that something else was wrong, and what I thought was, "Oh great, now that too." But you know, now I am thinking that I was asleep. If only I could use that excuse more broadly.

It's very bright. Very very bright. And they are playing the same god damn techno here that we've been listening to for days. It's so 1997.

3:26 PM: But would Elvis approve?

So, I might have to rewrite all of that insane TCL code that we've built up for the past half century, or however long it's really been, in Java! Neat! But, I might also have to go to Brazil to talk about it, and oh darn about that. Now I have Tacos and Reese's Cups. And I managed not to yell at anyone.

I'm fine as long as I don't think.

4:25 PM: Oh! And my ThinkGeek stuff came, one of those anti-inspirational posters, the Linus Torvalds autobiography, and an "All Your Base Are Belong To Us" T-shirt. Nerd City, here we come...

5:03 PM: I am quite bored. Bored bored bored. I keep thinking it's Friday because I'm not working tomorrow. But neither is anyone else! Not fair. Wednesday is supposed to be my day off. At least that's the one good thing about getting into work so horribly early, I can leave soon.

You know, people will tell you they're your friends. But when you ask them for one simple tiny little favor, like would they please shoot you or run you over with their car, do they? Oh No. Because it would be "wrong" or something - like, whatever, I'm so sure. Fine. I bet they run their other friends over all the time.

And now, a short break while I take a blowtorch to this stupid computer.

6:26 PM: Double Also: new CDs. Cocktail Tribute to Nirvana, which is what it sounds like it is, and is really good. Particularly "Rape Me" for accordion and piano. Then, new Neko Case CD, Furnace Room Lullaby. I'd picked up The Virginian this weekend, an older one by her - pretty good, very country. The new one is a more varied sound by comparison, and that's much better because she has such a fine voice, you want to hear her sing in different ways. It's not that this isn't country too, in its way. Just ... facing in more directions at once.

8:30 PM: Oh, I am supposed to be somewhere but I cannot go.

Still more CDs when I am home! Yowza! Little Darla Has A Treat For You, v.17, and No, it's not Porn, jeez. It's the Summer 2001 sampler from Darla Records and its friends. Gotta love any compilation that starts out with "The Casio Fight Song". And then! New Barcelona! Well, old. But new to me! Simon Basic. They're so cool. I hope they tour real soon. But not too soon. Next month would be OK.

Soon must sleep now zzz.

Willfully blind self-indulgent nebbish or amusingly quirky old coot? And how bout that local sports team? Discuss among yourselves.

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