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27 June 2001

4:02 PM: Oh man. I could not get to sleep at all last night. Read until about 4:30 AM or so, finished Infinity Beach. (It's OK.) Tried turning the lights off and everything, but no, the little brain, she goes whirr whirr whirr. Eventually I gave up, turned lights back on, started reading Me Talk Pretty One Day. Finally fell asleep around ... 8 AM? Thereabouts. Dumbly, I didn't change the alarm time. So it went off at 10. I hit snooze a couple times, then finally got up to reset to noon. Noon came way too soon. More snooze. Turned it off. None of which was really smart considering I had a cabal meeting at 1. Though I did think it had been postponed to 1:30, but apparently I dreamed that.

Last night, The New Pornographers, at Great American Music Hall. I do love that space, but oy, when it gets too crowded, it can be unfun. Standing in the back back is not as viable a strategy as it as at the Fillmore, because the entrance is directly behind you, and the only path to the bar, and all the traffic from people going to & from the upstairs, or over to where they sell T-shirts and stuff. All of which means you have to, ugh, actually go stand in the crowd. I knew we were in trouble when all these dudes with their brewskis shoved their way in front of us just as the band was starting, and one leaned over to another and said, "So, what, are they like punk, or rock?"

The band was great. Neko Case has a great voice. I liked the other main guy who sang, too, but his voice kept disappearing. Don't know if that was the sound or my ears. The drummer was good, too, in the singing and the pounding and the making it better than the recording. But the crowd, Hoy Bob, they were dorks. It was some kind of strange mix of Live 105 people and twee indie types. This one clump of really drunken dudes kept yelling out, "Less Talk! More Rock!" How lame can you be? I liked when Neko said something like, "Shove it! Get your own cool indie rock band!" Then later she pretended they were saying "More Cock!", which led into a whole trip about the guitarist's "Bald Eagle".

I'm hoping that if they release a 2nd CD and tour again, it'll be better, because the people who go will have a better idea of what they're there to see.

Tonight is Radiohead, yay! at Shoreline, ick! It's all cold and gray and maybe rainish outside. We'll see. I'm bringing my new coat for sure.

Willfully blind self-indulgent nebbish or amusingly quirky old coot? And how bout that local sports team? Discuss among yourselves.

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