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6 June 2001

3:09 PM: Hey, I forgot to write down the strange thing here. I'm coming back into my apartment building the other day, and there's a futon folded up on its frame in the lobby, with a note on it saying "ONLY HERE FOR A COUPLE DAYS. SORRY. [my name] APT #X". I thought, "Well that's not right. I live in Apt Y." Step. "Hey, wait a minute. Since when did I put a futon down here?" Step. "That's not even my handwriting."

Apparently, someone else with my name has moved into the building, into the apartment one number below mine in fact (though not next door, thank bob). He's got my first name, at least. I didn't even want to ask about the last name. I already found that in The Lord of the Rings and being a Hobbit is enough culture shock for one week.

4:24 PM: There was something else I was going to say but I forget what now. Gosh but I'm being a big snark lately. My patience with stupid or lame people is about zero. I just do not understand the appeal of the "drum" "style" that seems to be the main feature of drum'n'bass "music". I mean, that surely is not a person playing, right? It's someone hitting the Drumroll button on the Casio. I'm all for mechanized music, don't get me wrong, but this is like a musical <BLINK> tag. Hey, where are those peanuts I had here a minute ago? I did not eat them all. I would remember. Someone stole them!

Ah hah, it IS a Web radio-ish channel. Because now it's that really dramatic band with the bazuki or whatever it is... Portishead, yeah, them. Oh! Hey, Tower Records is open downstairs. New Radiohead. But eh, can wait for neighborhood shop.

All of this blather is about trying to keep my eye on the long ball. I may have that phrase wrong. But you know, perspective and like that. Bump in the road. A little bit of turbulence. Certainly not The Swift Vengeance of the Universe or anything like that, nope nope. I have some pessimism issues to work on, that's all.

5:33 PM: I remember now. I had a dream this morning about Jeff Greenfield doing a story about the recession. I think this qualifies as "cruel and unusual punishment."

Today is the day that we use "quotation marks", it seems. Or "does" it?

6:20 PM: So oh yeah, also, I went to the Ocular Doctular earlier Today, to get my eye pressure checked and my oil changed, ha ha oh what a kidder. The verdict: still not blind. Man he's a crotchety old bastard. He had told me before that I should take my eyedrops "at bedtime." Now, as you can imagine, this is something of a slippery concept for me. So I was trying to get him to tell me why he had said that - what was important about bedtime? Being in the dark? The time of day? He did finally say that it was because the pressure is worst between midnight and 6 AM, so taking the eyedrops before them offered protection against that. But man! I could tell that all he wanted to say was "I don't give a damn when you take your damn eyedrops, you blue-haired freak! Now get the hell out of my office! Lousy PPO short-changing bums..."

Willfully blind self-indulgent nebbish or amusingly quirky old coot? And how bout that local sports team? Discuss among yourselves.

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