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18 May 2001

4:11 PM: Come on, it never was funny, how could it be less?

I had a very nice secret conspiracy meeting this morning, including fruit and tea. I bought a tostada on the way into work, so naturally there was pizza and cake when I got here. The pizza I skipped out on, because I'm just that selfless kind of guy. Snif. Plus, ew, pineapple. The cake I got a piece of though. Carrot cake with a kind of cream cheese filling! Mm. The kids here say Ew it's mushy. Them and their strong teeth.

Tonight the lovely Ms. V will be accompanying me to yet another concert, Badly Drawn Boy at the Fillmore. Since the Boy in question played most of the instruments on the latest CD by himself, one does wonder who will be on stage doing what. I've heard some rumblings from earlier on the tour, some dissatisfaction, possibly from people who like their concerts to be note-for-note reproductions of the recorded music. One is inclined to tell these people where to go, and not in a helpful way. So - anticipation!

Then tomorrow, it's Frank Black and the Catholics, touring to support the new(ish) CD, "Dog in the Sand". And this will surely be loud and strange and emotion-producing. Which are good things. I have some work to do, too.

But instead of only talking about what will happen and what has happened, what is happening? As usual, not much. No music is on. I am reluctant to put an album on because I just want to play the same ones over and over and I think others grow weary. You can tell I'm an old fart because I still say "album". It's like calling a car an autovoiture or something. I still have some coffee left. Coffee is gradually sneaking its way back into my dietary stream. Not sure this is good. OK, just put Emiliana Torrini on. She's touring but only as an opening act on some horrible Shoreline bill that I forget right now. Shame. Music is liked by me, also, cute.

I should probably do some work at some point Today.

Willfully blind self-indulgent nebbish or amusingly quirky old coot? And how bout that local sports team? Discuss among yourselves.

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