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11 May 2001

7:42 PM: Well I was going to just do work Today, but then remembered I had a cabal meeting at 3 PM. So I was forced to take a nap for an hour first. Totally not my fault. Afterwards, Lana gave me a ride through scary afternoon downtown traffic to CompUSA. I wanted to get some CD-Rs, because I hear the price is going way up soon and they were having a big sale. Oddly enough, "Oh we're out of stock on those. But here, we have these at only 2.5 times the price!" Isn't that illegal?

Last night, much drinking, yes. Fun fun. They brought out a cake, aww, though it did involve that candle-blowing-out problem. Wheeze. Good cake, chocolate. Nummy treat. It got kinda crowded but not too bad, and I managed to snag a seat at the bar so I was close to the beer, and that's what matters. Anna was there, told me some of what's been going on with her lately. Not really stuff to be detailed here, but let's just say that it could all be summed up as a big still-raw OW of the heart, which is sucky. But she looked good and seemed to be coping as best as could be expected. She also said nice things about me, I was all Aw shucks; good birthday timing.

Saul was there most of the evening, getting a bit more squooshed by the crowd than me. Some dumb girl dunked his lighter in his beer, sheesh. Veronica came by about mid-inebriation; probably good timing, she got to skip the boring sober me and go right to the amusing (when not snippy) durnk version.

Then Anna came by, and of course it turns out they knew each other before in Davis. Small world, hell, it's bloody microscopic. They immediately went into a long chat with each other, which I did not find even slightly nervous-making in any way, nope nope. Not a bit of it. Not even when they were pointing at me.

Weekend now. More typing to do Sunday probably. Otherwise, much lying about and nothing-doing. Yay!

Willfully blind self-indulgent nebbish or amusingly quirky old coot? And how bout that local sports team? Discuss among yourselves.

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