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5 May 2001

8:09 PM: Woo hoo! New Season Two Buffy DVDs came today! I'm so psyched! Even if I can't seem to make the DVD player use its fancy S-Video or optical digital soundical outputs, grumble. (I can't even get the bloody s-video cable out now, it's stuck.) No fancy cruciform packaging this time. 6 discs, two boxes with three discs each, each disc in its own plastic box. Very sensible. Cool CGI opening sequence. 22 episodes.

Now, if I was smart, I would save these until after the end of this season, and then watch them once a week, to get me through the summer drought.

Uh huh.

Big shopping day all round. New Badly Drawn Boy CD and a vinyl copy of Strings by Kristin Hersh (remakes of four of her songs with, well, guess) for to be signed when she comes to town, because why pretend that I'm anything other than the geek I am? Bleach from the Booty Store, arrr. I think it's time to go unnaturally red again. Lots of cables from Radio Shack. Breakfast at Baghdad. So much for the theory that the rubber wallet would keep a tighter grip on my money...

And! I finally figured out how to start making MP3s of my vinyl albums. Instead of stringing cable all the way through my apartment out to the stereo, I just brought the turntable into my bedroom, with the old receiver that seems to work just fine in here, go figure. MusicMatch will record any Line In source to MP3 files. But, I found this LP Recorder/Ripper software that's specially geared toward just recording albums - you can make one big WAV file from an album side and it'll split it up into tracks, for instance. I know, oh gosh, the arduousness of picking the needle up and putting it back down. But it's hard! It requires coordination and stuff.

Plus now I can listen to actual radio on my computer. Which is worth... well something, I'm sure.

Willfully blind self-indulgent nebbish or amusingly quirky old coot? And how bout that local sports team? Discuss among yourselves.

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