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25 March 2001

5:30 PM: It's making a bit of a mess on the table here. Yes, I am King of Slobs.

Hey, neat! I found my IRA! I got a call from the person who lives where I used to live back around 1994, saying she had what looked like some kind of important tax mail for me that had come to the old address. It turned out to be the IRS form from Fidelity reporting my total contributions of $0.00 to this rollover IRA I opened wayyyy back a long time ago, and then lost. Not entirely my fault, my bank sold it to someone else, and then got bought by a bank which itself got bought, plus the branch closed and all the people quit. But I do admit that perhaps a more thoughtful person would have kept, oh I don't know, some kind of paper records or the like. But me and paper don't have have that kind of relationship.

I'd been trying to go through the bank's research department to find it this year, after getting a notice about some other old account that was about to be turned over to the State as abandoned property. Put the fear in me, that did. I'd gotten as far as them admitting that, yes, I had actually opened such an account once upon a time, but kind of stymied at that point. But now, here it is! Cool. That's about $19k for "retirement" that I didn't have before. Should pay for at least a week's worth of food bribes after the young folks put us all in camps.

This weekend has again featured entirely too much Buffy, and yes, there can be such a thing. I dunno. New episode! New episode! I'm strung out. Sure wish I could find my third season tapes, although maybe it's good that I can't. So far not even extreme withdrawal has made me desperate enough to watch the Year of The Adam Plot Contrivance again. Joss, Joss, what were you thinking there exactly?

Other than that, just working. I'm so tired of working. And it's just going to get worse this week. On top of which, my asocial calendar is exploding:

  • Thursday - the fantabulous Three Day Stubble at Bottom of the Hill
  • Friday - Julieta Venegas and bunch of other people I never heard of at Justice League, the "Escana Alternalatina" CD release party
  • Saturday - The Big Lebowski is this week's midnight movie at the Clay
  • Sunday - GAMERA 3!!!! at the Red Vic (at least it Better be showing Sunday)

    Naturally, they're talking about launching my especially-own part of this Giant Project on Thursday, specifically just to fuck with me. Hate. Gr.

    OK, more biscuits now.

  • Willfully blind self-indulgent nebbish or amusingly quirky old coot? And how bout that local sports team? Discuss among yourselves.

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