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13 February 2001

10:31 PM: It's Tuesday, isn't it? Suppose I should make some notes at least.

Doctor today. "Hi, my name is Nelson. I'm not the doctor, I'm a nurse practicioner trainee. I'm gonna go ahead and ask you some questions. [Medical interlude] OK, I'm gonna go see if the doctor's ready, and remember, my name is Nelson if you need anything..." So Weird. This guy was like a perfectly formed 3/4 scale model of a talk show host in the Merv Griffin mode. He must have told me his name was Nelson about five times. And of course, every question he asked me, the doctor ended up asking me again anyway. I guess it keeps him off the street.

No startling developments. The original complaint, the wax in my left ear, seems to have cleared itself up. Or else it was never wax in the first place, but brains leaking into my ear canal or something, I dunno. He gave me a prescription for some anti-heartburn medicine, but as it turned out, it's not covered by Blue Shield. $60+ for fancy Tums, uh I think not.

Yesterday I did not get up early like I was semi-supposed to because I was up until 7 AM reading Sunday night. This would be the same Sunday night that I didn't go out to the bar because I was going to have to get up early the next day and I needed my sleep. I am not very bright. Actually, no, scratch that. I'm quite bright. I just seem to have some very odd motives.

Anyhoo. Finally did get to work around 3:30 PM. Coughing terribly all evening. Felt like shit. Got my Monthly Chore done, though, and then not too much else. Ate McDoubtful's food despite having heard all those interviews with the author of Fast Food Nation. Still felt like shit. Left.

Mostly I seem to be thinking about how this pile of trash and magazines and books and CDs on the bed is not what's supposed to be there, but too bad so sad.

Willfully blind self-indulgent nebbish or amusingly quirky old coot? And how bout that local sports team? Discuss among yourselves.

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