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21 December 2000

3:17 PM: Argh. I was supposed to have my annual performance/salary review here at work around 2 PM. Much more than that, this is when the guy who pretends to manage me and I are going to end up having A Little Talk. Theme song: "Should I Stay or Should I Go?" It's an hour later and ... I don't know what.

Ooh! Got my new shoes Today! But! I am a dorkus! Of corkus! The size! It's too large! By half a size. Crap. So I can return them, which is good, but now I have to wait again, waah. Want NOW. Smash.

Ooosp, and here it's time for me to go now.

5:22 PM: Well. That was ... interesting.

They gave me a raise. A large raise. Which made it kind of awkward to say, "Uh, you know, I'm not so sure I want to stay here..." But, everything got said, nothing was formally decided, but at least I've come out about it, and that helps.

In other news, young Penny and I are only hours away from going to see Mamma Mia!, the relaxed-fit musical loosely based on ABBA songs. OK, actually based on a business plan. But still! ABBA! Loud! Sung by people! Young Penny! Vacation! New Shoes!

I worry and I wortle and I brood and you know, in the end, it's always very simple. What is the sappiest reaction I could possibly have? There lies the future.

7:32 PM: Bong bong bong bong this dumb thing is taking too long. I am watching a stupid Java tool from Vignette delete 40,000 records, One. At. A. Time. And. It. Has. To. Spin. The. Little. Wheel. And. Make. The. Little. Bar. Move. So. Cutely.     This. Will. Only. Take. A. Thousand. Years. Or. So. To. Finish. Argh.

7:34 PM: I should just go. Go! GO! Wheee! OK bye.

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