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15 November 2000

9:11 PM: Quite odd tonight. I was listening to CNN and MSNBC on the Net today (depending on which one was not in an endless commercial pit), so I heard - but didn't see - both Gore's statement and Bush's response. I remember the debates; how even when I agreed (sort of) with what Gore was saying, I wanted to strangle him for the way he was saying it, and how even when Bush was being a complete buffoon at least he sounded like a person. But tonight, unexpectedly, completely the opposite impression. Gore sounded like... well, like Gore. Kind of tedious, a few weird verbal tics (why does he laugh everytime he talks about our democracy? should we be insulted?), but basically to the point and with something to say. But Bush, oh my god, from the first syllable, from the first gratuitous Christian reference, he just dripped "LIAR". Maybe it's the way they miked him, I don't know. But he sounded harsh and phony. Of course he was lying, but it was as if he didn't even think it was worth pretending otherwise. The thought of having to listen to that for four years... well, no more State of the Union watching for me, for sure.

In other news, I had been here for all of 10 minutes today when I had a big fight with this queeny guy who runs the mailroom about web design and why people can look at a sentence that says "A" and read "B" or "X" or "Wear tinfoil". It was very stupid and I should have just nodded and said "Uh huh whatever" as many times as necessary, but I didn't. So now my nerves have been overtwisted even more all day from that. Wonderful.

I know that I make things up inside my head. I know that I don't know anything about people, really. But what do I do with that knowledge? I feel like one of those people in Distress with micro-autism, no ability to internally model other people. Only that would probably be better - to have no model than these seriously inaccurate ones. And there's no way to get information to correct the models, either, because you can't just ask people things. The question deforms the entire space. People behave differently when they think you understand them.

This would be a very good time to go far far away for a long time. Or, just lock the door and read for a month or two.

12:52 AM: And now, the Too Much Free Time Dept., or, Why Bush Refuses a Hand J--er, Count:

bush: system counties   votes undercount new votes
      opscan       29 1214511          0   1214511
       other        2    5205          0      5205
       punch       20 1690776      10144   1700920
       Total          2910492              2920636

gore: system counties   votes undercount new votes
      opscan        9 1017504          0   1017504
       other             3562          0      3562
       punch        7 1889126      11334   1900460
       Total          2910192              2921526

Before: Bush - Gore = 300   bush wins
After:  Bush - Gore = -890  gore wins
Data courtesy of the Florida Division of Elections and Department of State.
Data updated 11/17/2000 due to programmer error. duh.

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