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10 November 2000

7:33 PM: "Yep, I can remember back before the Gores and the Bushes were ever even running for President..."

"Unposs! Nobody's that old!"

Are both Gore's daughters married now? How old are the grandkids? Maybe we could work out some kind of Henry/Eleanor deal here. Or just drop them both in the Everglades and see who makes it out. If nobody does, we all win! We'll re-hire Clinton as a temp, so we don't have to pay for his health insurance. Or Hillary could do it part-time - I bet she'd volunteer.

There must be something about Presidential campaigns that breaks my brain. Always with the traumatic life changes around these times. Though, maybe it's just that this stuff happens all the times, but the only ones I can remember were in the vicinity of an election.

The book is done, long live the book. Except for now having to get the accompanying CD right. I'm sure that will be No Problem At All. Ha ha. Amelia has been regaling me with horror stories about the CDs she has to prepare for the tech books her company publishes. I must be getting this wrong, but I think she said something about one of the authors wanting a one-click installer program for Apache - on Linux. The point? Oh I'm sorry, you just missed it. As Pepe le Pew might say, "Le duh!"

(Pyew? Piew? Pieou?)

8:50: Note to self: this looks good. Have not read in long while. Will have much vacant time in future. Need mindfill.

Willfully blind self-indulgent nebbish or amusingly quirky old coot? And how bout that local sports team? Discuss among yourselves.

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