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25 September 2000

4:40 PM: Very bored. Betty Rubble is looking mighty interested in something to the right of the sport utility glass bottle thing, but I can't figure what it is. 11 AM meeting today, I got a wake-up call at 10 and still didn't make it in until 11:30. I wonder if I should be worried about being late all the time the way I've been. Might I be causing tongues to wag?

So I hear that the UC Theatre has a temporary reprieve. Maybe. They're scheduling movies through the end of the year. But so what? If they don't pay the landlord they'll be out of there, schedule or no.

Then, this morning, I was hearing Steve from Naked Eye, the excellent weird-video-newsstand in my neighborhood, and one of the other store people on the block - from the bar next door, I think - talking about how the Big Landlord for the block was going to be raising rents again. Market rates are something like $5 a square foot. That's a lot for these little shops.

So, in the name of theoretical profit, they'll probably end up kicking out every store and bar that makes the Lower Haight still slightly different from 18th and DeAnza, or Fremont, or Des Moines. Even though the Rock&Roll t-shirt place on that very block, that closed months and months ago, is still vacant. Just because somebody somewhere in the city gets that much money from overfunded dipshits who'll be rich, bankrupt, and gone before a year is out, doesn't mean that everybody can do the same. But they all think they can, and nothing else matters.

The Church of St. John Coltrane is now a Starbucks. The North Pole has melted.

Willfully blind self-indulgent nebbish or amusingly quirky old coot? And how bout that local sports team? Discuss among yourselves.

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