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18 September 2000

10:18 PM: The worst thing about not being able to go to sleep is that instead, I lie there and go through a catalog of every stupid, terrible thing that I've ever done, starting at around age 15. Trying to stop doing that doesn't work, either, the trait itself just gets pushed down onto the top of the Stack of Evil. "What a loser, I never remember the good things that have happened", so forth.

I've been looking a bit more into the story about the UC Theatre in Berkeley closing at the end of this month. I have learned two things. One, the Oakland Tribune has a terrible, terrible web site, as do most newspapers and magazines and companies of any kind. Just astonishingly broken. Two, Silver Cinemas International, Inc., the parent company of Landmark Theaters (which owns the UC), filed for bankruptcy in May. This hasn't stopped them, though, from starting construction on new megaplex theaters in five other cities. But somehow, now suddenly! they're just not able to come up with the money they agreed to pay for a seismic upgrade of the UC Theatre's building, and oh, could you cut our rent in half too? $1500 a month they want to pay. The UC is huge, and they want to pay less than it costs to get a one-bedroom apartment?

In other words, shock surprise, they are lying greedy corporate artfuckers who couldn't give two shits and a fart about the UC or any other theater.

Must find rich people. Most of these facts came from a fine article in the East Bay Express. It was worrisome to see one of the now-ex Landmark people, who has a long personal history with the UC, talking about how it could be "tastefully multiplexed". no no no no Miss the point entirely you do. One Big Screen.

Also very sad to get mail from Lucy saying that the Archipelago web ring is no more. She had other reasons that probably would have pushed themselves forward sooner or later, but let us note for demonstration purposes that the triggering event was the absorption of Webring by Yahoo, with subsequent rebranding, recontextualization of the interface, and other long words meaning "screwing up a simple good thing."

Ironic conclusion: The only really effective force against blind corporate stupidity is a large personal fortune.

No Media Report this weekend. I did nothing and did it poorly. Too much phlegm.

Willfully blind self-indulgent nebbish or amusingly quirky old coot? And how bout that local sports team? Discuss among yourselves.

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