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13 September 2000

10:45 PM: Today when I finally dragged myself out of bed - after having very disturbing dreams involving bloodshed and waiting in line - I noticed these two little scabs on my chin. They were quite small, like pin pricks, and about 1/8th of an inch apart. Like a very tiny vampire bite.

This is something I've been noticing now and then for a long time, usually on my legs. I think it is a bite of some kind. But now - whatever it is, it's crawling on my face?? Ugh ugh ugh.

Everything is done here at work, for the moment at least. More new CDs today: Hips and Makers by Kristin Hersh, which I've never heard - has a lot of what she did at the acoustic concert recently, yay; private suit, new CD from Bettie Serveert; Back to Mine, a remix compilation from Groove Armada; Hyacinths and Thistles, the 6ths; and In the Aeroplane over the Sea, Neutral Milk Hotel. I've listened to them all a few times, that's about it. The Bettie Serveert album is great - I thought they were dead. The last song on the 6ths' CD is 27 minutes long and is just a cute little beep-boop loop. I should put that on at work, everyone will think their computer has gone crazy.

I can't believe that Behlendorf was only 19 when he was sitting behind me at [that place], doing the first web site. That's... criminal, is what it is. What the hell was I thinking? Why didn't I jump with all seven appendages into that? No, I had to stick with the Circulation department, whoo whee! We're goin somewhere now, baby! Yeah.

Oh well. I'd gotten so good at leading a life of regrets, no sense breaking the theme, I guess. So of course the question is, what am I not doing now that I'll regret later? Besides not getting the hell out of the USA before the breakdown of society, that is.

Willfully blind self-indulgent nebbish or amusingly quirky old coot? And how bout that local sports team? Discuss among yourselves.

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