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21 July 2000

10:31 PM: It's amazing how much time one can waste fucking around with Unicode. But, after all, it is the World Wide Web, is it not? So how can we claim to be truly functional if we can't display a capital Upsilon? Besides, we're about to be owned by people from one of those countries with all the funny letters. If their first press release breaks our templates, brows will raise.

What did I do today, anyway? Talked. Ate two plain donuts. Did a little coding. Messed about with character sets. Talked to Lana about freelancing. Eww, I hadn't thought about that word before. "Free Lancing! While You Wait! No Boil Too Big!" Eww.

I prefer the slogan of the sheet metal place across the street from the Costco downtown: NO JOB TOO SMALL.

Oh, and I found this quiz, The Kiss Off Quiz, that's supposed to let you know if you really should quit your job. I checked, and it is possible to get an answer of "No." But you have to answer like the worst possible suck-up. I'm sure glad I don't know the average results from people who take it. It's amusing. You can guess how it turned out for me.

Haven't read other journals in a while, for no particular reason. I wonder what it would be like to worrying about having never been married? I think I'd trade for it - but maybe not, now that it's all far enough in the past. Sucked at the time, but the residue is a certain lack of illusions. Like why Alexander Cockburn said he supported compulsory religious education - it's the best way to make atheists.

More work now. More work tomorrow. Maybe Chicken Run Sunday if I'm good.

Willfully blind self-indulgent nebbish or amusingly quirky old coot? And how bout that local sports team? Discuss among yourselves.

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