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19 May 2000

10:10 PM: Crikey. I feel like a salmon sometimes here. 10:01, 10:10, 9:42, 9:43... I need a little more variety in my life.


D     S     L
Duh duh duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Ok technically right now it's there, as in not right here since I'm at work and the DSL is at home, since that's the point, after all, to have a fast connection at home, I already have one at work. Yes. However. Earlier, here was there, and I was too. I saw it, I witnessed the nature of it. The speed is gratifying, it's true - need to upgrade to 128-bit encryption Netscape 4.7? Got a minute or two? - but I found the best part was one I hadn't thought about much: It's always on.

No more frying bacon, except the piggy kind. No more being hung up on every hour by fuckinassbiteme modems at work. But more than that - now I can check my email in 10 seconds. I can use one of those fancy web calendars, because I don't have to sit down and wait through 5 minutes of rigamarole anymore. It's always on. This is going to rock. Not to mention massive violations of copyright.

A bit of consternation at first today, discovering that by "all necessary equipment", the DSL firm meant "some". Specifically, the modem, and nothing but the modem. So I had to run down to CompUSA and get a network card. That was OK, though. I found one that included a copy of TurboLinux - a weird kind of promotional item, but at least it was a pretty strong indication that the card works with Linux systems... Plus I got some blank recordable CDs and a 5-port hub, for when I get a card for this other dinosaur PC. Dunno about the dinosaur Mac, but both of them are a later. Well. OK, so that means the hub should have been a later too. I just liked the idea of having it. Stupid, but like, shock? New here are ya, then?

What will make it perfect is if the other thing that was supposed to show up today got there after I left, so very very late this evening. This is of course the Aeron chair. By speaking to someone to get them to agree to ship it out on Friday instead of Thursday, I should have realized, I guaranteed that a day later, no one would remember that conversation, and everyone would insist that it had always, always been scheduled for Monday. I just hate people most of the time. It's not even like they're evil. They just can't do anything.

This Just In: The chair showed up too! Amazing! I only have a report of this by phone, from young Penny who hung out to wait for the freight company while doing her homework for finals next week. So I haven't sat in it yet. But soon! Very soon!

It's all kind of a disgusting spectacle, isn't it? I wallow, wallow I.

Willfully blind self-indulgent nebbish or amusingly quirky old coot? And how bout that local sports team? Discuss among yourselves.

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