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10 April 2000

8:29 PM: Tax time, such fun. I was going to be virtuous and come in to do this all Saturday, but the weather was simply beastly. I swear it must have been down to 50 degrees at least, and hardly sunny at all. Oh the pain, the pain. So I get to do it now. And as last year, the main moral of the ordeal is, Be Thou Not A Mac User.

Did some more work on the freelance project, not much else. Did not clean. Did not install software. I am very good at Did Not. Sunday we went to see the latest edition of Spike & Mike's Animation Festival at the Castro. These are usually so-so at best, two or three good things, one of which you've seen before, several more OK things with funny bits, some total duds. But this year's is a huge improvement on that record - there was only one film that I didn't like - a Will Vinton claymation thing about a dog comedian - and even it was technically interesting. Everything else was good, and some of it was really good. "When The Day Breaks" is the best in the sense of being actually good, but "Billy's Balloon" - helium balloons wreak revenge on stick-figure children - was the audience favorite. Normally they print a booklet listing details for all of the films; not this time, though, which is a shame.

Hey, looky here, Gore's saying whatever it takes to lock up the Idiot vote. In other news, a new study published in the journal _Science_ has found that air is breathable...

Willfully blind self-indulgent nebbish or amusingly quirky old coot? And how bout that local sports team? Discuss among yourselves.

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