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3 March 2000

4:50 PM: Ha. About 20 minutes ago, I had just started this entry, saying "Java sucks. I'm sorry, it was a nice idea, but in practice it makes Microsoft stuff look stable and well-designed." Then the Java app that I was waiting for crashed my machine and killed my session mid-edit. Touchy.

Penny and I went to see two Kurosawa films last night at the UC Theatre, accent on the "truh" thankyew, Throne of Blood and High and Low. Throne of Blood I had seen before. It's pretty good, his retelling of Macbeth in a feudal Japanese setting. The wife is the scariest character of course. When she said she was with child, the horrifying thought in my mind was that oh my god, guy, you slept with that?? No wonder you're cursed. Kurosawa's version of Dunsinane Wood moving was gorgeous in an utterly creepy way, like watching the hillside transformed into the bottom of a lake.

High and Low I hadn't seen. Amazing movie, about a rich industrialist whose chauffeur's son gets accidentally kidnapped in place of his own. On the train ride home, we were going through all the different Hollywood plot twists we kept expecting to happen - these guys would turn out to be part of a conspiracy, that guy must be in on the crime, it'd turn out in the end that his mother had been killed in an industrial accident - none of it. The film's based on an Ed McBain novel and so I would imagine it owes a lot of its unformulaic nature to that. Still, Kurosawa preserves it, and makes it work on the screen. It was only two hours long, but it seemed longer, because so much happens, and you have no clue where it's going to go next.

This is the beginning of a little mini-festival of his work, and now I'm definitely excited about seeing the rest. Next week is Rashomon which, yes, I have never seen. What kind of postmodern guy do I think I am, I know I know. I hang my head in shame.

Also, another piece of tooth fell out the other day. Bad sign, you think? Or is that just if it happens in dreams?

8:59: Ah hah! I was right, sort of.

Jennifer Reveals Her Dress Secret

Turns out it was toupee tape holding that eye-popping Grammy dress on Jennifer Lopez.

"Underneath the dress was a pair of shorts -- bathing suit like thing -- (and) toupee tape," Lopez told TV's syndicated "Entertainment Tonight" in an interview for broadcast Monday.

Willfully blind self-indulgent nebbish or amusingly quirky old coot? And how bout that local sports team? Discuss among yourselves.

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