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29 February 2000

4:31 PM: I don't see what's so leapy about it.

Oh, I have to write down this other dream that I had last weekend before I forget. I was on a farm or farm-like place - rural, anyway. I remember, as if it had happened earlier in the dream, that somebody said something about that cow trying to be the alpha animal around the place. But right now, these two dogs are growling and circling each other, like they're getting ready to fight. Their fur is puffed out enormously, like cats but even more so. They're long-haired black&white dogs - maybe some kind of spaniel? - so they look like sheep with dog heads sticking out. Snarling. They start barking and barking, and then jump at each other and start fighting. The cow shows up - mostly white cow, some brown patches, kind of cream colored really, hair is longish but it's not a harry coow. The cow mooooos at the dogs but they don't pay any attention. Suddenly the cow lifts up one of its forehooves and whack! hits each dog in the head, sends them ass over teakettle. When the dogs sort of sit up and shake themselves, they've each got matching black eyes - cartoon black eyes, so they look like the dog from Our Gang. They kind of whine quietly and lie down, one on each side of the cow. The cow moo-sighs and lies down on its side like it was a big dog too. I walk over to it and squat down beside it, petting its head and saying, "Good cow. Good cow. Good cow."

I want a t-shirt that says that now. "Good cow." No one will know what it means but thee and me, and I'm not too sure about thee.

This Just In: Satan switches from Bush to McCain.

Willfully blind self-indulgent nebbish or amusingly quirky old coot? And how bout that local sports team? Discuss among yourselves.

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