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  Another Exciting Friday

10 December 1999

6:07 PM: Meep. Late again. This is what happens when I can get away with something once, I guess - it resets my inner deadline clock. On the other hand, it seems like I'm doing a lot less of everything these days. I think maybe I used to not have all that much to do. Ach, those were happy times.

Saw The Beauty Queen of Leenane last night at Berkeley Rep, accompanied by the valiant but sick-as-a-puppy Penny and her floating iceberg of tissues. (Everybody's been really sick lately. Not me. Damn. I have no desire to be a bit player in The Stand.) Strange play, so. Weird bitter domestic comedy travels through romantic confusion to spooky haunted ending. You laugh, thinking, "This isn't funny, really." Felt very familiar, it did. Plus leaves you wanting to be able to speak like that, because as the playwright so correctly observes, "Ah, them Yanks, they love the Irish."

In other news, Arianna Huffington continues her campaign for the VP slot in Ralph Nader's presidential bid. O, Weird old world, that has such lefties in it!

I can also highly recommend the latest milestone download of Mozilla, if only because when you change pages, it futzes out for a minute like an old VHF television changing channels. Now they just need to add that _thunk_ sound...

9:06: I am going to find the person who thought it would be, like, really cool to make the Tools article in the latest issue of this magazine that I process each month have its wording go sideways up the page. I am going to find this person, and I will harm them. But first I will tie their head down to the side and just leave it like that for a really, really long time.

9:19: Whew, thank bob that's over with. I feel like a deformed parrot. Bwwaak?

Did I mention that I bought the Upsy Daisy Compilation this past weekend? Just gobs and gobs of fucking excellent XTC songs. Which are playing VERY VERY LOUDLY right this very moment. Particularly out of the speaker which one of my enterprising neighbors here at w**k put up on the pillar not 4 feet behind me. Yay. God, and I got the English version of the new Buzzcocks CD the other day, too, Modern, with a companion CD A Different Kind of Product that has a bunch of their greatest hits, too. Hey, live in the past much? Sheesh.

10:15: Ah hah! Dancing at Lughnasa, gesundheit. That is what I keep confusing The Beauty Queen of Leenane with. With Meryl Streep and spinsters and Ireland and tragedy and the L-shaped town name and all that then, so. Ah no, not my fault is it, so?

Willfully blind self-indulgent nebbish or amusingly quirky old coot? And how bout that local sports team? Discuss among yourselves.

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