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1 December 1999

8:53 PM: What a strange and icky week. Our Feckless Leader decided to jettison our domain - one of the oldest and most well-known domains in Netland, but hey, it's all about MediaMetrix number rollups, buddy boy. Gee, wonder whose zillion-dollar bonus might be tied to certain milestones? Can't imagine. Fucker.

I just sort of linger in bed every morning, after sort of sleeping all night. I'm tired but not. I have boring dreams that take too much energy. All radio after 9 AM sucks. I went to look for a new receiver online the other day and I didn't understand anything that any of the listings said. My gout is acting up. Buffy was yet another One-Shot-Reality episode, funny but come on come on, while Angel was sad and at the same time veering dangerously close to Star Trek forehead metaphor country.

That kind of week. I think I'm going to a movie tonight, tho. That might help. But I might not. It's all confusing. Maybe I will just watch some more MST.

G'bye, Doyle.

Willfully blind self-indulgent nebbish or amusingly quirky old coot? And how bout that local sports team? Discuss among yourselves.

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