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15 November 1999

9:58 PM: I guess peanut M&Ms don't really count as dinner, do they. Dang.

Listening to Sky Motel, the new Kristin Hersh CD. How can I not see her play? How can I give money to Brendan Perry? Also new "soundtrack" CD for Buffy. Kind of weird to put that on late at night here. Expect to see a blonde girl in a long coat holding a wooden stake come tearing around the corner.

Fine fun fresh folk at work played Blame The Late Guy again today. It's so silly, it's not like there aren't enough things that are my fault; they're making me look better, really. Annoys me in the butt though.

I did come in much later than I could have, it's true. But goddammit I've got to break them of this habit sometime.

Tried to go see Fight Club, but it was sold out (on a rainy Sunday night, too, surpised me). So ended up at Boys Don't Cry instead. Now there's a cheerful, uplifting film full of good old-fashioned American virtues and the solid folk of our heartland. Fuck me. What is the moral of this story, kids?


If you don't know about it, this is the story of Brandon Teena from Lincoln, Nebraska, a young man who had the misfortune to actually be Teena Brandon, a young girl. One day she cut her hair, put a sock in her jeans, changed her name, and the next thing he knows, he's getting in bar fights over girls and everything! Unfortunately, he fails to learn the above moral. Bad things ensue.

I would really like to attend a screening of this film with some of these ptui so-called Christians and then ask them to explain to me why this is what their God wants. Jesus, what a pathetic concept of a Supreme Being. Er, so to speak.

Saw Lola again this weekend, that was nice. But man am I unfit for company. Time to clean out the pseudowomb I guess. (My apartment, I'm talking about my apartment. Geez.)

Willfully blind self-indulgent nebbish or amusingly quirky old coot? And how bout that local sports team? Discuss among yourselves.

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