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4 October 1999

10:50 PM: Well, shit. I hate being an idiot.

My clear inability to master the arcane details of date/time arithmetic has left me with two (2) tickets to see Philip Glass and Kronos Quartet doing a live performance of Glass's new soundtrack for Dracula (and I now see that, yes, this is the Bela Lugosi version - weird), on the 29th of October.

AND, and, on the same night, two (2) tickets to Luscious Jackson, who I have missed the last three times that they've come to SF and who I've been only waiting for, like, forever, and Ben Lee, who I don't know but I like his song on this compilation.

I could have SWORN that the Kronos show was going to be on the 15th.

Fuck fuck fuck.

So hey, speaking of music, Elvis Costello was awesome. I saw him play twice but I'm choosing to forget about the first show, where I was stuck in a hot airless balcony with a bunch of people my age and it was not pretty. No, instead, let's focus our minds on Oakland's fabulous Paramount Theatre, gorgeous Art Deco palace of gracious lobbies, comfortable seating, wonderful acoustics, and a certain overall air of luxury and decorum. Which might sound like a strange place for an Elvis Costello concert, but for this one at least, it was a perfect fit. Backed only by Steve Naive on piano, this was Elvis as Tony Bennett. Or - an even scarier thought that I had just the other night - Elvis as Nelson-Riddle-era Frank Sinatra. !!!

Not that the music is all that similar. It's more the sense of definitely being way past and over being a kid or an angry young man. This was the Crooner Tour. He even closed out his third and final encore by singing the last song with all the amps and mikes turned off. Just the native tinkling of the ivories and Mr. Costello's Mighty Lungs. (I know, opera fans are thinking, "Um, so?", but take in context.) It was amazing.

His new material is excellent, too, particularly one song named '45'. What a catalog. Has anyone else ever even tried to sing 'I Want You'?

So even though my young acquaintance Penny tried to make me feel guilty for going and liking it just because she decided that she couldn't because she had to study and then later decided she wished she had gone but whoops, too late, like any of this is my fault not, it was still a high point of the year.

Willfully blind self-indulgent nebbish or amusingly quirky old coot? And how bout that local sports team? Discuss among yourselves.

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