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15 July 1999

10:20 PM: One drawback of headphones, I find, is that I have no idea how loud I'm being with the other things that I'm doing. I could be making sounds like a starving dog while I gnaw on this piece of chicken, for instance, and I'd never know. Like so much else about me, this is OK as long as there isn't anyone around to see or hear. But since I only ever wear headphones at work, and only when the Babies are still here so as not to disturb them with music that verges slightly outside of their feedbags, the odds are high for inadvertent grossitude.

I dunno, it's like a behavioral counterpart to ear hair. The older I get, the grosser, and the less I care. Fuck em.

I am liking this bike route much better than the way I used to go. Working a couple blocks further south down 3rd Street means that I can go along Townsend instead of Brannan. Well, I could have been doing it all along, but I was just too rut-oriented to figure that out.

Brannan has four lanes, big shopping centers and convention centers, and they're all full of cars driven by distracted and rather stupid people, trying their absent-minded best to kill you. One of its cross-streets sort of gets absorbed by this gigantic freeway onramp. Crossing the fat mouth of that beast on a bike is ever so much fun.

Townsend, on the other hand, is a back-of-the-building street. There aren't multiple lanes, just the dashed line down the middle, even though it's just as wide as Brannan. No one needs that kind of formality down there. The south side of the street borders on the Caltrain yards for most of its length, so there's not much cross traffic, and even better, there's way room enough to avoid anything parked on that side of the road - no open-door somersaults. Many of the drivers on Townsend are truck drivers, and though their vehicles are much scarier, the drivers themselves tend to be a bit more professional and less likely to kill you, unless they want to of course. But then you're dead anyway.

I have a kind of threat-oriented view of life, don't I?

Weather is back to more normal, foggy-nights-and-mornings (you have to say it as all one word), but still not really that cold. True test yet to come. It's funny, my bloat has not really decreased, but somehow it feels smaller when I've been riding. Like physical activity justifies some of it or something. Or maybe I'm just too tired to care as much.

There is no good kind of tired. So just hush up.

Willfully blind self-indulgent nebbish or amusingly quirky old coot? And how bout that local sports team? Discuss among yourselves.

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