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29 June 1999

8:07 PM: Hi again, hello and welcome to the new home of Potatoe.Com, deep underground in a secret cavern beneath sunny and beautiful Long Beach, California. The transplant seems to have gone well, vital signs are stable, and the patient seems to respond to environmental cues. We are monitoring the situation closely.

In other news, nothing is any different. The Spy Who Bored Me To Tears was every bit as bad as I feared. There was about 15 minutes worth of funny movie in there, trapped by 2 hours that felt like 2 years. I nearly fell asleep. Everyone who likes Austin Powers seems to like the character in theory. I disagree with that - I think he's an annoying twerp - but opinions can vary. The problem is, the movie has very little to do with that theoretical character. Or with any of those "joke" things.

I liked Seth Green's bits, and there were maybe four other short bits that made me laugh. Otherwise, it wasn't even worth a smile. Just boring, boring, not funny boring. Thank god I didn't pay for it.

We saw it at the new Metreon complex, so I spent some time walking around in there. I liked the building quite a bit, despite the fact that it's basically a mall. It's got a very nice air and sound, not hellish or oppressive the way that most modern temples of commerce are (to me anyways). The VAIO notebooks from Sony are beyond cool. Buy me one, I'll be your friend.

Weekend was uneventful apart from shipping this server away to its new home. Did not go to the parade, did not go to Berkeley, did not do laundry. Did discover that the paycheck of just 5 days before was almost gone already. Ooops.

Lacey was introducing me to some complete stranger at the bar last night: "This is Tater, he's very intelligent, and he's a very lonely person." Jeeez. Why not just put a big cap with bells on my head while you're at it?

Right now I have a headache in the side of my head that seems to be causing a metallic taste in my mouth somehow. That can't be good.

Willfully blind self-indulgent nebbish or amusingly quirky old coot? And how bout that local sports team? Discuss among yourselves.

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