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23 June 1999

10:06 PM: Very strange scene the last couple of days on the way here. Clear sunny day in San Francisco. Coming out of the train tube at the Embarcadero, it's a clear sunny day all over the Bay itself. The water's that blue-green color and the sailboats are out. And the East Bay is on fire.

That's what it looks like, anyway. Starting around north Oakland and getting more intense as you look north, the East Bay has been socked in by some very serious fog. Now isn't this kind of backwards? The rule is that it's 55 and overcast in San Francisco and 82 and sunny in Berkeley. Is this some kind of Biblical punishment? I haven't seen it in the papers.

Sorta forgot yesterday that I had taken some antihistamines earlier in the day, before the Valerian Root Complex (as someone pointed out to me, a great band name for the taking there). So I don't know for sure how strong it is. It certainly hasn't had the same impact today. Have to try moving up to a full dose. My god it stinks, too. Herbs. Shudder.

Little Big Money Day is getting closer. Probably a week from tomorrow. This is the after-tax, after-option-purchase, token sliver of cash that we mere mortals will be able to realize from the Final & Absolute Consummation of our adoption by our new Stepfather. I'm going to have to get a trustee or something to keep from spending it before the Melbourne trip. But come on, look at these - goggles that simulate a 52-inch monitor? I am so there. Money money money...

I am not a fiscally sound person.

Willfully blind self-indulgent nebbish or amusingly quirky old coot? And how bout that local sports team? Discuss among yourselves.

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