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4 June 1999

7:36 PM: I really like this no-answer style of answering that girls have. It's so forthright. Completely dispels all those scheming-female stereotypes.

I could have sworn that it started out to be a good day today. I lay in bed for two hours or so listening to the radio. Jesse Ventura was on Fresh Air on NPR. You could tell that Ms. Gross the Host was beginning to feel her mellow being harshed from time to time. I still like him. If Jesse is a dumb governor and Darth Gray is a smart governor, sign me up for dumb, please.

Then I got up, didn't bother shaving, went and got the Times and found that Naked Eye, the video/magazine store, does in fact carry Land of Freedom, which Sean keeps recommending. (I told them that "my Irish Communist friend says this is the best film ever made," and they said that made sense. Heh.)

And so sure, OK, they had discontinued the chef salad at Stout&Feeble, but the capellini wasn't bad, and it was nice to just eat brunch and read the paper again. And yes, it was true that a whole lot of money had mysteriously vanished from my checking account, but not all of it, so I'm not broke and payday is Monday, after all.

So I don't really know what it is, exactly.

I sure am pissed at everyone, though. Yes, that means you. What, you think you're exempt? You have a Special Person Pass, maybe? I don't think so.

Downside to being a crank. It can be fun, but you do end up hating everyone. Not only that, but everyone doesn't much like you, either.

Willfully blind self-indulgent nebbish or amusingly quirky old coot? And how bout that local sports team? Discuss among yourselves.

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