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  A Slight Self-Image Problem Emerges (Again)

28 May 1999

9:22 PM: Shoot. I was all het up to say something, too. Dumb work. Now I forget.

9:38: Oh! I remember. My God I can write some crappy code. I'm trying to adapt this quick&dirty hack I did about a year ago, and it's beginning to make NT kernel code look clean. I know what I'd have to do to really get it right - tear it down and redo it. But it really doesn't seem worth it, too much of a use-once-and-throw-away situation. The real fix, of course, would be for me to be a smarter and more careful person in the first place. Hardware upgrade strongly recommended.

AOL is annoying me. I can't tell when I'm getting hits from actual people reading the site, and when it's just their cache sucking up pages, because either case looks the same in the log. If I cared because I was selling ads, of course, I wouldn't. Care. Because it'd all be the same. But I'm not, and it's not. Are you real? You wouldn't lie to me?

10:47: On the other hand, maybe if I rewrote it it wouldn't take so utterly goddamn long to run...

I have Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie playing out loud because everyone has gone home. Talk about guilty pleasures. It's like I've got nudie sites up on the browser or something. I can just picture someone walking in unexpectedly. "Who's playing this?" "It's not you?? Oh man! I was just letting it play to be polite. Wow, it's so bad, huh?" Lie like a rug, flee like a bee. That's me.

I suppose I should make a comment on Milosevic's indictment, so here it is:


And while we're on the subject there, NATO, so when do you think you might get around to arresting Karadzic? I mean, while you're there with the guns and all.

I thought so.

Willfully blind self-indulgent nebbish or amusingly quirky old coot? And how bout that local sports team? Discuss among yourselves.

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