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31 March 1999

5:25 PM: Ha.

[Yugoslavia's representative to the United Nations, Vladislav] Jovanovic, speaking on CNN in response to Solana's statement, said Belgrade was merely cracking down on "terrorism," and he blamed the refugee crisis in the region on NATO and the separatist Kosovo Liberation Army.

"Albanian terrorists, in close cooperation with NATO, have told the people to escape from Kosovo in order to manufacture an artificial humanitarian situation," he said.

Jovanovic accused NATO and the KLA of teaming up and trying to spread the influence of NATO in the Balkans.

As Oz said in last night's Buffy: "Just for the record, you know you're all nuts, right?"

8:13: Now this is worrisome. I'm looking at the user-agent strings of hits to the site here - the bit that tells you what browser the person is using - and there's one that reads "US Chemical Roll-Out." Does that mean that US Chemical is making a browser? Or that the browser is made of chemicals? A gas browser, think about it. Like a crystal ball. Alien technology. Reading my site. Big problem.

I am so way too tired to thinkk that it's a billboard. I know, sure, I could maybe go to bed earlier and not just nap for an hour and then go out until 2 AM when I know I have to get up at 8 at least long enough to turn the alarm into the radioo and then lie back down for an hour and then really, really get up and it's still only 9 AM for god's sakes. I could. But I have such a meager bit of life, that would cut it down considerably. I can't imagine spending all my waking hours here, like now, doing work or doing this. So nope, not gonna.

If you're in the Bay Area or rich enough to get here fast, don't forget that tomorrow, April 1st, is mozilla.party at Sound Factory, for free. Drink too much, meet geeks, fall over. Being uncool will be cool. Posers will be ... well, they'll still get all the girls. I'm sorry, but reality does set certain limits here.

Willfully blind self-indulgent nebbish or amusingly quirky old coot? And how bout that local sports team? Discuss among yourselves.

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