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11 March 1999

5:31 PM: Motherfuckers!

Excuse me. But we've been off the air here most of today, due to the lovely decision on someone's part to yank my machine off the net and not tell me. Also to remove the hub it used to be plugged into, along with a bunch of other machines. To shut everything down, in other words.

So it looks like Potatoe.Com will be searching for a new home soon. I need to get a picture of it when its nose is all shiny - it's so adorable like that! I'm sure we'll find it a good home. Because otherwise, well, it's Let's Visit Mr. Sleepy...

8:18: Well, poo poo. I was halfway intending to go see the Chow Yun Fat double bill at the UC tonight, but it started at 7:30. And not only did I not even get in until 4 or so, but there was the continuing drama of this machine being down, then some other people whose machines had been yanked showed up, and we spent an hour or two poking around trying to find a way to hook them back up to the network, and, well... Poo. I have to admit that was kind of fun, though. But on the whole, I'd rather be in Berkeley.

I'm getting closer to having no excuse to start writing this article on PHP that I half-promised someone here I'd do. Yikes. It always seems to me that I'm terrible at explaining things. That's not what my victims say, but maybe that's only because I misled them into thinking that they understood. I might also have some success issues, it's just possible.

Questions I can answer, questions are good. But ab initio, scary. "OK, so there's this thing, it's called PHP? And it's, like, for scripts that run on your web server? And you can do, oh, you know, scripting stuff with it. Graphics and database calls and all that. Here, here's the URL for their site. Download it, play with it, read the manual. That's it." I think I need more words than that.

Hey, speaking of words: Amazon.com, what's up your mom? Here they were, helping give birth to a beautiful new art form - false book reviews, based on such classics as The Story About Ping and Daddy's Cap is on Backwards - and do they give themselves a well-deserved pat on the back for inspiring creativity and humor, to brighten up our humdrum days? No. Of course not. They pull the reviews.

"Please remember our reviews are, and always have been, meant for discussion of the content and context of the item. Comments that are not specific to the item's content may not be posted on our site." Nyah nyah nyah nyah. Big weiners.

11:20: The quiz on Slashdot the other day was "My romantic life is:", with one of the choices being "stalker." That's such a pejorative term, "stalker." Why not, say, "big fan" or "devotee" or "disciple"? Sigh.

The funny thing is, you would think that the combination of failing to get a particular girl's attention and watching that attention go instead to guys I wouldn't really want to hang out with, would make some kind of light bulb go on in my head saying, "Hey, maybe this girl isn't your type either!" Seems reasonable, right? No no no, back of the class. "Ah! Poor thing! Look at those clowns! I must save her!" See "Bad Boys" for girls, I guess. The short version is, we're all goons.

But I can say all that and know it and laugh with bitter understanding and it makes no difference, damn it, it still hurts.

Willfully blind self-indulgent nebbish or amusingly quirky old coot? And how bout that local sports team? Discuss among yourselves.

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