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24 February 1999

3:44 PM: Fooey. Snack! is biscotti, but I think these have anise in them or something. Taste too much like licorice. For some reason I associate that flavor with dentists, and that is just the wrong vibe for a chocolaty snack.

5:47: Sigh. My office crush has her gigantor mop of curly brown hair all out and uncontrolled today. She's so cute when she does that, and they're playing Morrissey on the office stereo, and my blood sugar is starting to collapse. I may just swoon.

What is the female equivalent of "pussy"? Um, I mean the pejorative term for men who are less than manly, thanks.

8:33: I'm so jealous. Sylvia, this really goofy, not to mention v. cute, designer here has built a fort around her desk with boxes and bubble pak. It's so refugee! She always has been a fashion plate. I heard that she was quitting in two days, though. So why go to all the trouble? Starting the separation process early I guess.

Bored bored. Finally figured out why one of my machines here had no swap space. God, the amount of sheer guesswork. I never really know what I'm doing, or why it works when it does. Hah. There's an epitaph.

And speaking of epitaphs, I got email today about a page named "How to Get Babes", one of those sad but true peeks into the mind of boy geeks. (He should really make that distinction - I mean, isn't "babe" non-gender-specific?) The rule I personally always take as gospel:

8. If they talk to you, it means that they love you.

9;55: Aaaaaaaaaaaaagh, and I thought the noise from the air conditioning was bad. Apparently some tediously tidy apparatchik has been complaining about dust in the office because this has got to be the fifth or sixth night in a row that I have to sit here while this guy with the most goddamn loud ShopVac you don't want to imagine meanders around the floor driving me bugfuck. Well, that's probably just a bonus, the bugfuck part. Meandering is his real job. Well, all those shepherds have to do something...

Willfully blind self-indulgent nebbish or amusingly quirky old coot? And how bout that local sports team? Discuss among yourselves.

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