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26 January 1999

11:04 PM: Wow. Dumb now, me, yes. Words not. Donut gone. Sad.

Sigh. What what what was that thing that was Today? Blurry. They're just not going to stop ever ever, are they? The Republicans, I mean. They're starting to sound like junkies. "No, man, I'm like totally going to clean up, tomorrow I'm gonna call this rehab clinic I heard about. Really." But first - Can I Get A Witness??? If this isn't making it obvious why we need more than two parties, I don't know what will.

Oooh, borrowed more Buffy tapes yesterday from Sean, that dear boy. Something like .. .9? 10! episodes, all the rest of the 2nd season. (I don't remember exactly and I'm at work now so just ... yeah.) Hours and hours of fun, fashion, angst, and fighting, all with our special MoodLightingTM. Yah yah.

It's getting harder ever day to convince myself that I really do have to go to work at some point. It doesn't feel like depression. Just stubbornness. Not that I don't have a point. There's not much going on this week. But then, that's when Murphy will show up: There won't be much going on until I decide to take a day off. Some call me a pessimist. I just like to think of myself as "doomed."

Finished Rogue Star last night. It's really hard to believe that this is the same Michael Flynn who cowrote Fallen Angels. Not that Fallen Angels was so terrible ... well, yes it was, really, it was a cheap cardboard piece of propaganda. I don't think I'd argue that Rogue Star and the first book, Firestar, are great literary works. But they still amaze me. I mean, this is space geek fiction. He's writing scenarios set just 10 years from now, with SSTOs and LEO habitats and dear sweet Mir all cleaned up and sparkly, there's stuff goin' ON. This is rally-the-troops fiction. Rich Corinthian leather propaganda, not cheap cardboard.

And yet - no bad guys. Not hardly, certainly none of the major characters. Albright, the leftist Nader type is not made into a shrill unthinking goon a la Pournelle/Niven. He has a point of view, he's right a lot, and whether you or I or the author disagrees with him, he's treated with respect. I know this is dancing bear stuff to most of people, but it's an overdue and welcome development.

I'm looking at the reviews on Amazon and they're all talking about how tedious and wandering they thought Rogue Star was. I must have a real low entertainment threshold, I read nearly the whole book in one sitting. Easy like Sunday morning, datsa me.

Ack! I have to go home now. Um.... Oh! I remember. I've mentioned SFNet a few times here, this old cafe-based BBS that I used to belong to before we got the Internet and the Web and it sorta fell over and died. A friend of mine sent me a copy of a New Scientist article from 1995 - four years ago now, good lord - that will tell you all about it.

Willfully blind self-indulgent nebbish or amusingly quirky old coot? And how bout that local sports team? Discuss among yourselves.

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