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  Fleeing For Seniors

22 January 1999

6:53 PM: An early candidate for Search String of the Year:


Congressman Admits to Being Barking Mad, Threatens Coup:
"And when this impeachment situation is resolved, the American electorate will match the strength of our convictions with the merits of our ideas," he said, "and when the sun rises following election night 2000 I think we will control both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue because of it."

We've got crazed Christian white supremacists loose in our government; we seem bound and determined to piss the Russians off before we help them get rid of their nukes, oops; they're about to put our "retirement money" haha into a stock market that will pop like a buboe about 6 months after they do; and all I wonder is, in 1923, did they think that things were going to be great forever?

The Apocalyptic War Of Man Against Man And Nature Against All was supposed to happen when I still had some energy and mobility, damn it! Not when I'm 68 years old. They'll put me in that line to the left and shoot me. Do you young people have to hog everything to yourselves?

I bet you think I'm joking. Hi - Russia, no government, worthless currency, big unpaid Army, nuclear weapons. Doesn't this sound familiar to anyone? "Oh, but if we can just install a democratic goverment, everything will be fine!" Until someone sets the Duma on fire.

And the loonies on our side, you think you're safe because you outnumber them, but never forget that fascists are always the best organized team. Plus they have most of the guns. But maybe more important than that, they have the ultimate terror weapon on their side: delusional sincerity. They can honestly believe anything, if God aka Mr. Man tells them it's true. Then they'll go out and act on it, while the rest of us are still trying to convince ourselves that something is really happening. No way, we'll say. Yes way. This way. Take off your shoes. Sit on the bench.

Hmm. Must be this cinnamon roll.

9:09: Yah yah yah, it's all over here. Time to stop rerunning the same old scripts, time to stop finding stories on the Web that make me pslutter incoherently. Time to go shopping! Payday, it's grand. "Whore" is so pejorative.

Willfully blind self-indulgent nebbish or amusingly quirky old coot? And how bout that local sports team? Discuss among yourselves.

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