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colateBrelt by colateBrelt on 2013-08-11 14:07:15

These guys run a professional service. Ontop of their game 100%. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! Communication & Ordering process Never had to e mail them. The web site keeps you informed every step of the way. Delivery (T/A) & Packaging Placed two orders to start. Both arrived on the same day, 11 days after I ordered. BEFORE the ETA! Packaging was excellent, nice and tight and no damage to products Items ordered Prop, Mast, D-bol, Anadrol, Deca, Test E, Aromasin, Proviron and Viagra Product effectivenes and experience Test E, Deca, Mast and Anadrol are all on point. Have not ran the d-bol yet, but expected to be G2G also. Aromasin and Proviron are doing the job well, and the Viagra is off the charts, the wifey is smiling EVERYDAY!! The prop is knocking it out of the park in the gym. Additional commentary I have used 6 of the top 10 suppliers and Oscaro is the best so far....by far. I originally went to Oscaroservice.com for Mast and BAM!!! It was product of the week!! Half price, so I doubled up. He runs great promos, customers vote on product of the week and the winner is half price. I highly recommend this cat, they run a professional service and deliver ever time. In the last month I placed 4 good size orders with NO WORRIES!! I recommend shopping here!

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