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The Ultimate. by Kid on 2003-05-18 14:33:21

Its a tough question - one that's a lot easier to think about than answer. I'll do both, right now. I've nothing better on. Today's been a bit depressing, really. Decidedly full, but on reflection full of things that are just passing the time painted with a different friendly colour. I want the cricket to start.
5. The Sugababes. Like all of them. I realise the Scouse one is a bit of sex symbol, but I just find the whole...dynamic of the three really sexy. I blame Round Round
4. Penny Smith (Its one of those 'first thing you see when you wake up' things. People with a dirty mind work well that early. And she's got awesome legs. She's not enough to keep me away from BBC Breakfast, mind. I do like quality News in a morning, not sobbing parents from the East Midlands.
3. Samantha from Bewitched. Only in Bewitched, mind. Its another of those comfortable in the early morning things.
2. I can't watch My Family recently without thinking how cute Zoe Wanamaker looks. Very elfin, which is always good. Perhaps I just miss Daniella Denby-Ashe from it....well, I do...
1. Sinead O'Connor. Without a doubt. She's got such wonderful eyes. Seems a bit of a...... Maybe a lot, from what I've heard/seen/read, but she's really cute.
I can't say Dido, because if you've ever discussed what I like in a girl, Dido is like a photofit. Well, that girl off the Timotei ads is, really. (I have her as a wallpaper, now, guys. Its great. I can't look at the screen without smiling). Now if that doesn't make you gawp with wonder/disgust, then I'm sorry. But that's how it is.

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