wanna go HOME now...

2 Guys 6 Feet




"You have to jump. Look, there goes the paint shop."

"Do you SEE how fast we're going!?! And what does the paint shop have to do with anything?"

"Oh, I figure it's about two miles from home. You know, THAT way?"

"This was your idea in the first place."

"Hey, bad call, absolutely. So let's not ride it out to terrible, eh?"


"Yeah yeah. You ready?"


"Good. Here, I'll show you --"

"HEY! Wha - YULP! Yipeyipeyipeyipe...."

"Whew! There, see? All done."


"So nasty. Come on, nasty, stop licking your ass and let's get walking..."

* with vast apologies to Harlan Ellison