wanna go HOME now...

2 Guys 6 Feet


"What's that smell?"

"What smell? Give me another biscuit."

"Sorry, ate em all. You don't smell that?"

"Woof. Those are supposed to be for me. Yes, I'm sure I do smell that. I smell a lot of things. Could you be a bit more specific?"

"Like something dead and decaying."

"Oh, you mean the neighborhood?"

"Ha ha. No, organic, like an animal, like - holy crap, it's YOU! What IS that?"

"Where? Oh, that? It's just some dirt."

"That dirt was running around somewhere last week."

"You really need to get some more sleep."

"Have you been rolling in roadkill again?"

"Oh please. And have you stopped beating your dog? I do NOT roll in roadkill. It's just dirt."

"You can't tell me you can't smell that."

"I suppose I smell something - I stop noticing after a while."

"No wonder, your nose probably staged a sickout in protest."

"You know, you're not exactly the freshest flower in the kingdom yourself."

"One, we've been running, so duh. Two, no matter how much I stink, at least I don't smell like dead rabbit."


"Possum, rabbit, whatever, I still - hey! HEY! Ah hah!"

"Oh, woof."

"You've really got to learn to watch your language. And go take a bath or something, good lord."

"Can I use your towel?"

"Will you wash it?"

"Don't I always anyway? Did I see you in the laundry room yesterday? I don't think so."

"OK OK, geez, fine, use the towel. Just - wait until AFTER that stuff is gone, please."

"No, I thought I would dry myself off first and then take a shower, just for kicks."

"I'm gonna go run some more."

* with vast apologies to Harlan Ellison